UNION Introduces hUNNy Badger NFTs!


  • UNION introduces hUNNy Badger NFTs to its DeFi protection ecosystem.
  • hUNNy Badger NFTs will be offered as a Genesis Collection of 1000 pieces.
  • hUNNy Badgers will bring robust characteristics to the tokenomics of the UNION Protocol Governance Token. This includes a deflationary repurchase to the UNION Treasury from a portion of sales and transfer commissions.
  • The initial Genesis Collection will be divided into four Series Releases (GSR 1, GSR 2, GSR 3, and GSR 4), each with Series Release batch having different levels of enhanced entitlements.
  • 10% of each Series Release (total 100 hUNNy Badgers) will be airdropped to the top 100 rUNN holding wallets, as of the release of Series Release 1.
  • Subsequent generations of hUNNy Badgers will have platform revenue shares, with Badgers from the initial batch, including discounts and perpetual participation in purchase and transfer incentives.

Introducing the hUNNy Badger NFTs!

We are excited to introduce the hUNNy Badger NFTs as the newest addition to the UNION Finance ecosystem!!

UNION has found inspiration in the broad adoption of NFTs. We have also found enduring qualities of strength, perseverance, and general irreverence in the character of our hUNNy Badger! This has inspired a “chocolate and peanut butter” moment (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkCl_MHg0qw), where we see new opportunities to innovate and further support our convictions to our community through the introduction of an NFT collection that is fully worth hUNNy Badger approval!

What do they do?

Besides being cute and charming, we expect these hUNNy Badger NFTs to become an important element of the tokenomics of the UNION Finance platform — and a more prominent feature of UNION Finance offerings, as a whole.

Our goal is to involve them in all key functionalities of UNION products going forward. As our ecosystem rapidly evolves, some of the use cases have been already established, while others will be refined and introduced with further development.

Collect and EARN on hUNNy Badger Benefits and Use Cases:

  • Exclusive entitlement multipliers in UNN Staking at the Geyser and rUNN programs.
  • Discounts on the management and sale of hUNNy Badger transactions.
  • Access to further development of the collection with gamification and education elements focusing on DeFi and cybersecurity use case and best practices.
  • Tie-ins with UNN Partners and Ecosystem Promotions.
  • Early access to new products and testing programs.

The addition of hUNNy Badger NFTs to the UNION ecosystem will have the following benefits for UNN token holders:

  • Proceeds from initial sale of hUNNy Badger NFTs will be split among UNION development/marketing (50%), Badger Benefits (20%), treasury token repurchase (15%), and rUNN program redistribution (15%).
  • Proceeds from a 10% transfer tax on hUNNy Badger NFTs will be split among UNION development/marketing (50%), Badger Benefits (20%), treasury token repurchase (15%), and rUNN program redistribution (15%).
  • Proceeds from a 50% revenue share in future development of the hUNNy Badger NFT Universe will be split among UNION development/marketing (20%), treasury token repurchase (15%), and rUNN program redistribution (15%), with the remainder reverting to owners of hUNNy Badger NFTs through our new Badger Benefit program.

A key feature of note is that the hUNNy Badger NFT community activity will immediately create deflationary pressure on the UNN token through treasury repurchase and redistribution on the rUNN platform. At the community’s decision, the repurchased tokens, or a portion of the repurchased tokens can be directed to enhancing platform liquidity, creating ecosystem incentives, or even burned. Further, the allocation value of these proceeds may be adjusted by consensus of the UNION community through vote on the Snapshot platform.

Show me the Badgers!

A total of four initial Genesis Collection Series Releases (GSR 1, GSR 2, GSR 3, and GSR 4) are planned to seed the hUNNy Badger NFT Universe:

The four initial Genesis Collection Series Releases of hUNNy Badgers will have 100, 250, 250, and 400 Badgers, respectively, and have exclusive benefits.

Our revised 2022 development roadmap plans the introduction of functionality such that each Badger from these initial collections has an Entitlement Multiple planned to effect holder claims against both UNN Geyser and rUNN programs. Badger holders will be entitled to Policy Discounts on the purchase of UNN policies. Further, Badger holders are participants in Badger Transaction Discounts, specific to activities that occur inside the hUNNy Badger NFT Universe, and Badger Benefits. We will make announcements to ensure the community knows when Entitlement Multiples and Policy Discounts are implemented — current scheduling is TBD.

Following the initial collection release, additional Badgers may become available through UNION development, or an anticipated Badger Breeding program. These new Badgers will not be able to participate in Badger Transaction Discounts, or receive entitlement multiples, and will have broadly the same Badger Benefits and Policy Discounts as Genesis Collection Series Release 4.

hUNNy Badger Genesis Collection

We are planning the release of an initial 100 hUNNy Badger NFTs, our Genesis Collection Series Release 1 (GSR 1), into the wild shortly!! Release details will be announced soon.

10% of each Series Release (total 100 hUNNy Badgers) will be airdropped to the top 100 rUNN holding wallets, as of the release of Series Release 1. The airdrop schedule will be as follows:

  • 10 GSR 1 hUNNy Badgers : rUNN Holders 1 to 10
  • 25 GSR 2 hUNNy Badgers: rUNN Holders 11 to 35
  • 25 GSR 3 hUNNy Badgers: rUNN Holders 36 to 60
  • 40 GSR 4 hUNNy Badgers: rUNN Holders 61 to 100

It is our intention that hUNNy Badgers go and work anywhere the UNION ecosystem goes. WHILE NOT DAY 1, this means that we are developing Badgers to go cross-chain, and have universal participation regardless of whatever chain they call home.

Where we launch them and in what numbers within each Series Release is TBD.

UNION may reserve an TBD number of Badgers for project and ecosystem incentives, including future airdrops or auctions.

Project Development

The development of our hUNNy Badger NFTs are well underway, with a full schedule for the release of main developments being refined!

Our initial Badger collections will be shipped as simple NFT entitlements; however, we have a full vision for making hUNNy Badgers cutting edge, genetically engineered, cybersecurity and DeFi experts. They are upgradable to take advantage of robust services and some pretty cool activities, including Badger-specific transactions and revenue sharing activities that come from breeding, brawling, and betting in an exciting new Universe that expands the reach of UNION Finance!

In the coming months we will be providing more information about this new universe inside the UNION Finance ecosystem! We’re excited for the road ahead!

About UNION Finance
Web: https://www.unn.finance
Twitter: https://twitter.com/unnfinance
Telegram: https://t.me/UNNFinance
Telegram ANN: https://t.me/UNNFinanceANN


  1. This announcement is for informational purposes only and is not an offer to participate. It contains a number of forward looking statements about features and functionality, which may be subject to change or availability. As such, specifically, To-Be-Determined (TBD) features and functionality are expected available on the basis of future release schedules, priorities, technical considerations, and market realities.
  2. Never send virtual assets to a smart contract you cannot afford to lose.
  3. This announcement does not constitute financial advice.
  4. UNION is not an insurance company and UNION does not sell policies of insurance.
  5. UNION is not an issuer of CDOs.
  6. We are in a rapid development phase, and the screens may or may not look like these in final product. Some of the numbers shown are placeholders.
  7. Nothing in this announcement shall be deemed to constitute a prospectus of any sort, a solicitation for investment or investment advice nor does it in any way pertain to an offering or a solicitation of an offer to buy any securities in any jurisdiction. Nothing contained in this announcement is or may be relied upon as a promise, representation or undertaking as to the future performance or policies of UNION.




Building a set of tools to create a complete ecosystem, specifically designed for DeFi

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UNN Finance

Building a set of tools to create a complete ecosystem, specifically designed for DeFi

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