U-CDS Hatching Part 2

Check for UNN

  1. UNN is required to vote.
  2. Everyone has been deposited a random amount of UNN between 1,000 to 4,000 UNN.
  3. To see the UNN in your wallet, click into Metamask-> Add Token-> Custom Token and paste in the address: 0xc2b2602344d5ca808f888954f30fcb2b5e13a08f
  4. Click Next. You will now see tUNN in your wallet.
  5. The amount is completely random and not reflective of what we think about your Whale vs. Minnow status!


  1. All 3 U-CDS pools have had claims filed and moved into open voting status. Here is where you come in.
  2. Go to the claims section and select Bancor from the dropdown, which has a default display value (rather tongue in cheek) of “Another Protected Protocol”.
  3. You will see a claim with countdown of ~48 hours to vote. 48 hours is the current vote window after a claim has been approved as valid for voting by DAO, but can be adjusted based on future governance.
  4. Click on the claim and you will see a modal with a For or Against.
  5. Click on either For or Against to vote. You are free to choose whatever outcome.
  6. You will be prompted to sign the transaction via Metamask. Confirm. Note: after confirmation, our screen dead-ends. Please refresh the screen to will see your votes based on the number of UNN you hold. We will fix this before release with a proper transition back to main screen.
  7. Repeat above for the other two projects Alchemix and Adamant. Your UNN voting power is good only once per incident, but can be used across multiple incidents. That is why you are allowed to vote in different projects. You don’t have to be consistent in your votes and can vote For in one claim, and Against in another claim.

Claim and resume operations!

  1. You can claim from two places: a) My Cover or b) the Claims tab.
  2. If claiming from My Cover, scroll down to “My Covers” and look for the U-CDS protection. If claiming from Claims, select the Project, and then click into the event voted on.
  3. You should see a counter by the protection, indicating the time you have left to claim. For testing, this is set to 48 hours after vote was approved for payout.
  4. Click on Claim.
  5. Enter the max amount you want to Claim and confirm the metamask transaction.
  6. Do this for any two of the three projects.

Check Unclaimed Protection

  1. After Wednesday June 30th 00:00:01 UTC , check “My Covers”.
  2. You should see the third unclaimed protection still valid, provided the protection has not expired.
  3. If above is not true, please message TG Beta.





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