Product Update 46 — AMA Product Update Recap

  • Due diligence season continues!
  • New grant award still working through legal! Chain and details to be provided later.
  • Successfully bridged UNION token to Fantom, Harmony, and IoTeX using Multichain.
  • IoTeX testing complete — have started rollout to mainnet. Waiting on arrival of our first pebble.
  • LATOKEN joint promotional activity started.
  • UNION deployment to Polygon has started! Price tracker issues discovered in deployment, still being remediated. Deployment fully scheduled for 5/8.
  • UNN testing on Fantom, BSC, and Harmony is completed. Scheduling deployment.
  • NFT Policy Development completed! Pending deployment. Mattereum Gold testcase in development.
  • hUNNy Badger development continues. Broadening our audience — we are New game aspects for added fun and excitement! hUNNy Badgers now eat Füd, and develop Karma, which can be sold or exchanged for Füd!
  • rUNN front-end integration with Protection Marketplace complete. scheduled for retirement postponed.
  • Geyser integration with Protection Marketplace underway.
  • Deferred wallet connection development in testing.
  • Notification service development underway.
  • MOAR deployment to Polygon mainnet continues! UNION integration issues with UNION resolved, however issues with price-tracking infrastructure.
  • Revised deployment to Polygon mainnet 5/8/2022.
  • Diamond Hands distribution planned for Polygon deployment!
  1. This announcement is for informational purposes only and is not an offer to participate. It contains a number of forward looking statements about features and functionality, which may be subject to change or availability. As such, specifically, To-Be-Determined (TBD) features and functionality are expected available on the basis of future release schedules, priorities, technical considerations, and market realities.
  2. Never send virtual assets to a smart contract you cannot afford to lose.
  3. This announcement does not constitute financial advice.
  4. UNION is not an insurance company and UNION does not sell policies of insurance.
  5. UNION is not an issuer of CDOs.
  6. We are in a rapid development phase, and the screens may or may not look like these in final product. Some of the numbers shown are placeholders.
  7. Nothing in this announcement shall be deemed to constitute a prospectus of any sort, a solicitation for investment or investment advice nor does it in any way pertain to an offering or a solicitation of an offer to buy any securities in any jurisdiction.
  8. Nothing contained in this announcement is or may be relied upon as a promise, representation or undertaking as to the future performance or policies of UNION.



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