Product Update 42— AMA Product Update Recap

  • IoTeX grant award! Excited to complete our planned deployment to IoTeX as a full member of their ecosystem! IoTeX testing complete.
  • $UNN token to be listed on LATOKEN! We will be announcing joint promotional activity with their team in the coming weeks. Vote live on Snapshot.
  • The new UNION website almost complete! Our goal is to bring a new consumer-focused feel to our product suite. Along with this, we have been performing usability and concept testing to help in better educating about the purchase of policies from our Protection Marketplace!
  • UNION deployment to Polygon has started! Regression testing being completed and boosted borrow with MOAR now fixed.
  • Fantom testing has started.
  • NFT Policy Development completed! In user acceptance testing.
  • hUNNy Badger art inventory and integration continues. New game aspects for added fun and excitement!
  • rUNN front-end integration with Protection Marketplace complete. scheduled for retirement.
  • Geyser integration with Protection Marketplace in planning.
  • WalletConnect integration complete.
  • Notification service development underway.
  • Balancer rewards issue being investigated by Balancer team. Coordinating fixes.
  • NIL implementation in regression testing.
  • MOAR deployment to Polygon mainnet continues! UNION integration issues resolved in test environment. Revised deployment to Polygon mainnet 3/31/2022.
  • Addition of support for policy discount logic completed.
  • MOAR on Polygon operations run-books being developed.
  • Diamond Hands distribution delayed because of developer work in prioritizing audit and withdraw issue. Diamond Hands claim build still in integration testing on MOAR platform. Will tweet when available for claim on Polygon!
  1. This announcement is for informational purposes only and is not an offer to participate. It contains a number of forward looking statements about features and functionality, which may be subject to change or availability. As such, specifically, To-Be-Determined (TBD) features and functionality are expected available on the basis of future release schedules, priorities, technical considerations, and market realities.
  2. Never send virtual assets to a smart contract you cannot afford to lose.
  3. This announcement does not constitute financial advice.
  4. UNION is not an insurance company and UNION does not sell policies of insurance.
  5. UNION is not an issuer of CDOs.
  6. We are in a rapid development phase, and the screens may or may not look like these in final product. Some of the numbers shown are placeholders.
  7. Nothing in this announcement shall be deemed to constitute a prospectus of any sort, a solicitation for investment or investment advice nor does it in any way pertain to an offering or a solicitation of an offer to buy any securities in any jurisdiction.
  8. Nothing contained in this announcement is or may be relied upon as a promise, representation or undertaking as to the future performance or policies of UNION.



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