Product Issue 21: Upcoming launches

U-CDS testing

Testers are being gathered! Our admins have reached out to the C-OP hatching testers as priority and have just a few spots left. Reach out to our admins in TG if you are interested in getting $50 of UNN for completing some very simple tests.

We are closing registrations today and U-CDS Hatching will begin Wednesday. If you are a Hatcher, instructions will be shared in the TG chat by Tuesday EOD.

New C-OP Products!

You’ve been seeing the conversations in TG and wondered if these were just rumors or truth. We’re excited to announce that yes, UNION will be launching two new C-OP products to capture the animal spirits of DeFi: Doge and WBTC! Both pools are getting their prices from Chainlink oracles and we expect launch end of June/early July.

In other news, the reserve share program is set to launch on June 23rd. Get ready to stake your UNN for rUNN ahead of our upcoming product launches and receive a portion of the premiums. Market volatility and rug pulls are as prevalent as ever.


UNION is a technology platform that combines bundled protection and a liquid secondary market with a multi-token model. DeFi participants manage their multi-layer risks across smart contracts and protocols in one scalable system. UNION decreases the entry barriers for retail users and lays the foundation for institutional investors. UNION’s full-stack DeFi protection is inclusive, composable, and brings battle-tested capital and pricing models from TradFi to the DeFi ecosystem.




Telegram ANN:

UNN Finance Updates & Ideas


1) This announcement is for informational purposes only and is not an offer to participate. Never send virtual assets to a smart contract you cannot afford to lose. This announcement does not constitute financial advice.

2) UNION is not an insurance company and UNION does not sell policies of insurance.

3) UNION is not an issuer of CDOs.

4) We are in rapid development phase, and the screens may or may not look like these in final product. Some of the numbers shown are placeholders.



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