MOAR Project Roadmap

When UNION Finance assumed responsibility for the MOAR project, we realized there would be some heavy-lifting. We initially balked at the prospect of running and managing a DeFi lender, specifically because we realized the amount of effort and quality of competition in the space was not something we could engage half-way. We saw it competitive to our desire to work with lenders around the use of our protection offerings and distracting from the position of our regulatory posture. We did, however, need MOAR as a vital test bed and integration reference model for the work we do with our protection offerings.

Following an oracle hack that resulted in the originating of a number of bad loans, the future of the MOAR platform was shown to be in danger, as funds for runway were committed to repaying bad debt. We assumed control of the asset, and immediately had to take stock of what we had, harmonize infrastructure, and affect transition of development. With this work done, we have set forth to complete tasks necessary for MOAR to resume lending.

In this work, we have also started to contemplate a revised path ahead. Please find our tentative roadmap below

Q1 2022

  • Completion of re-certification audit
  • Integration of UNION price tracking infrastructure
  • Integration of UNION Collateral Optimization v2.0
  • Launch on Polygon Network

Q2 2022

  • Relaunch of MOAR media and community
  • Launch on Avalanche Network
  • Launch on IoTeX
  • Launch on Metis

H2 2022

  • Accumulate Liquidity
  • No Interest Loans
  • Integrated DeFi Protection


  • Non-Standard Collateral
  • Interest Rate Swaps
  • Cross-Chain Testnet (Polkadot)


  • Cross-Chain Mainnet
  • Structured Credit Products
  • Enhanced Yield Products

We are truly thankful for the continued support of the MOAR community!

About MOAR

MOAR is a derivative-aware, cross-chain, and operationally safe lending protocol embedded with accessible financial tooling and derivatives primitives. MOAR is built on the latest version of Solidity, can handle ERC-721 (the token for NFTs and frequently used for derivatives), and fully supports UNION Finance’s C-OP instrument (a decentralized Put) for collateral optimization natively. Built on Ethereum, MOAR will emphasize a user-friendly front-end replete with features like one-click capital optimized borrowing and yield strategy access, a proprietary liquidation program, embedded derivative support, DEX integration, structured credit products, interest rate swaps, term deposits, and cross-chain connections to BSC and Polkadot — with more L1’s planned for the future.

Testnet | Twitter | Telegram | Telegram ANN | Website | Medium


  1. This announcement is for informational purposes only and is not an offer to participate. It contains a number of forward looking statements about features and functionality, which may be subject to change or availability. As such, specifically, To-Be-Determined (TBD) features and functionality are expected available on the basis of future release schedules, priorities, technical considerations, and market realities.
  2. Never send virtual assets to a smart contract you cannot afford to lose.
  3. This announcement does not constitute financial advice.
  4. MOAR is not an issuer of CDOs.
  5. We are in a rapid development phase, and the screens may or may not look like these in final product. Some of the numbers shown are placeholders.
  6. Nothing in this announcement shall be deemed to constitute a prospectus of any sort, a solicitation for investment or investment advice nor does it in any way pertain to an offering or a solicitation of an offer to buy any securities in any jurisdiction. Nothing contained in this announcement is or may be relied upon as a promise, representation or undertaking as to the future performance or policies of MOAR.




Building a set of tools to create a complete ecosystem, specifically designed for DeFi

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UNN Finance

UNN Finance

Building a set of tools to create a complete ecosystem, specifically designed for DeFi

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