UNION is excited to announce our partnership with iMe. iMe is a Smart Platform with a Telegram-based messenger, Crypto Wallet, and DeFi tools. It connects mainstream and crypto communities and empowers Telegram users through the functions of DeFi, so everyone can manage cryptocurrencies in a secure and user-friendly interface.

iMe is a messenger based on Telegram API, with integration of artificial intelligence with Neurobots, as well as a fully functional crypto wallet. It allows users to purchase, store, swap and transfer crypto assets to your telegram contact in one-click by a Telegram handle. As of Jun 1, 2021, iMe has…

UNION Finance and Open DeFi are now collaborating to help strengthen and support projects across the expansive landscape of Decentralized Finance. UNION will provide OpenDefi with Smart Contract Protection (SCP) and UNION-Crypto Default Swap (U-CDS) to protect projects on Open’s platform. UNION’s Collateral Optimization product (C-OP) will help modulate different high-volatility tokens in order to reduce custody risk. UNION’s Sanctum cybersecurity Center of Excellence will provide support for smart contract audit, infrastructure, and operational security.

Open DeFi is a progressive and unique decentralized protocol that aims to build an open DeFi ecosystem for one and all through its DeFi ecosystem…

Marlon Geerts, Founding Partner at Grizzly Capital, studied UNION Finance’s model, mission and team and decided to roll up his sleeves alongside UNION’s Project Lead, Michael Beck. This combination creates a powerful force enhancing the braintrust at Union.

Grizzly Capital assembled an experienced team with an extensive track-record. They are probably best known for their early support of well-known successful projects including leading the investment round from MoonEdge and participating in the equity raise for Cheqd. The team’s involvement in the cryptocurrency markets dates back to 2013.

UNION Finance’s mission is to provide stabilizing solutions for the often volatile DeFi…

UNION launched in December of 2020. At the time, we had little idea of the excitement and challenges that would come ahead. We posted a roadmap for the project, which you can read here. Fast forward, we’ve launched code to production, found a vibrant community, and directed our calling in the risk management and protection space. Along the way, some things have changed. The community has asked us for a modified roadmap to say where we’re heading, and when we plan on getting there.

As we've mentioned in our AMAs and some of our posting on Telegram and Twitter, we…


- The next AMA with Michael Beck will be on 13 August 2021 at 9:00 PM CET.

- U-CDS has passed two audits.

- Union’s public bug bounty program for U-CDS is underway.

- C-OP has been integrated into MOAR for ETH Boosted Borrows. Additional supported assets coming soon.

AMA with Michael Beck

Michael Beck, Union’s Project Lead will be hosting a Clubhouse AMA this Friday – 13 August 2021 at 9:00 PM CET (3:00 PM EST). Come spend your Friday night discussing the future of Union with Michael: https://www.clubhouse.com/event/m7rjLQdW

U-CDS Audits

UNION has developed U-CDS as a mechanism to…

UNION and PUSSY FINANCIAL Partner to Maximize Value for $PUSSY Hodlers

UNION is proud to announce its partnership with Pussy Financial. UNION’s products will enable PF holders to hedge their long positions and garner the full value of their $PUSSY when using it for collateral, all while providing the greater ecosystem with additional security. Together, Union and Pussy Financial will redefine the capabilities of a crypto-ecosystem.

Furtunately, Pussy’s name purrfectly positions its community to ride the internet’s insatiable craving and pawsitive association of this aloof and mysterious creature. Pussy will build trusted momentum and maximize the utility of this hissterical…

A whirlwind of activity for our UNION supporters this week:

  1. BTC and DOGE pools are up, verified and working. Head here to buy protection, and here to add liquidity.
  2. New geyser incentives for C-OP liquidity providers to be in place from Monday.
  3. UNION is universally beginning support for WalletConnect, starting with the rUNN rewards site. early next week!
  4. U-CDS, UNION’s Smart Contract Protection is coming out of audit. We are preparing our public Immunefi environment for our bug bounty early next week
  5. We have started to diversify our oracle strategy for more robust data ingestion and support.
  6. We will be…

UNION is pleased to announce our partnership with API3, the decentralized API and oracle platform for Web3, to bring various integrations and services to users of both communities.

“API3 is an exciting project, with a strong community and talented team. We’re excited to be working with them to provide protection products that leverage their unique architecture and access to data. As partnerships into vertical traditional and DeFi protection markets continue to be our focus, we know the team at API3 will prove an invaluably capable partner,” said Michael Beck, UNION’S project lead.

API3 brings traditional API services to the blockchain…

In our whitepaper and previous blog posts, we describe the governance and staking mechanics of UNN, including the roles and behaviors of pUNN and uUNN tokens. In public testing for the last few weeks, below we introduce rUNN, our reserve share token for users who stake their UNN.

But first, let’s cover a brief recap of the mechanism design of the UNION protocol and how rUNN fits into the picture.

UNION Coverage, pUNN, uUNN, & C-OP

UNION’s full-stack protection platform offers diverse avenues for users to buy protection using a pooled liquidity model. The platform’s capital model relies on Solvency Capital Requirement (SCR) calibrations to maintain…

Dear UNIONers,

U-CDS audit continues and is expected to end this week. We are configuring our public test environment and extending our Immunefi bounty program to include our smart contract protection offering at the current c-op bug discovery reward levels!

WBTC/Doge C-OPs: the team is debugging display and price feed issues. WBTC C-OP purchased / liquidity was added successfully on Mainnet, so the hardest part is already done!

NOTE: As we’ve made changes to C-OP to support other currencies, there is a bug in production we’ve noticed: “My Covers” is not displaying purchased C-OPs. YOUR C-OPs ARE SAFE!!!. C-OPs are…

UNN Finance

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