A whirlwind of activity for our UNION supporters this week:

  1. BTC and DOGE pools are up, verified and working. Head here to buy protection, and here to add liquidity.
  2. New geyser incentives for C-OP liquidity providers to be in place from Monday.
  3. UNION is universally beginning support for WalletConnect, starting with the rUNN rewards site. early next week!
  4. U-CDS, UNION’s Smart Contract Protection is coming out of audit. We are preparing our public Immunefi environment for our bug bounty early next week
  5. We have started to diversify our oracle strategy for more robust data ingestion and support.
  6. We will be…

UNION is pleased to announce our partnership with API3, the decentralized API and oracle platform for Web3, to bring various integrations and services to users of both communities.

“API3 is an exciting project, with a strong community and talented team. We’re excited to be working with them to provide protection products that leverage their unique architecture and access to data. As partnerships into vertical traditional and DeFi protection markets continue to be our focus, we know the team at API3 will prove an invaluably capable partner,” said Michael Beck, UNION’S project lead.

API3 brings traditional API services to the blockchain…

In our whitepaper and previous blog posts, we describe the governance and staking mechanics of UNN, including the roles and behaviors of pUNN and uUNN tokens. In public testing for the last few weeks, below we introduce rUNN, our reserve share token for users who stake their UNN.

But first, let’s cover a brief recap of the mechanism design of the UNION protocol and how rUNN fits into the picture.

UNION Coverage, pUNN, uUNN, & C-OP

UNION’s full-stack protection platform offers diverse avenues for users to buy protection using a pooled liquidity model. The platform’s capital model relies on Solvency Capital Requirement (SCR) calibrations to maintain…

Dear UNIONers,

U-CDS audit continues and is expected to end this week. We are configuring our public test environment and extending our Immunefi bounty program to include our smart contract protection offering at the current c-op bug discovery reward levels!

WBTC/Doge C-OPs: the team is debugging display and price feed issues. WBTC C-OP purchased / liquidity was added successfully on Mainnet, so the hardest part is already done!

NOTE: As we’ve made changes to C-OP to support other currencies, there is a bug in production we’ve noticed: “My Covers” is not displaying purchased C-OPs. YOUR C-OPs ARE SAFE!!!. C-OPs are…

UNION is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Qi DAO, the protocol enabling users to borrow stablecoins at 0% interest using their native crypto tokens as collateral. UNION’s C-OP product will enable Qi DAO users to hedge their long positions in their MAI vaults when minting MAI — the collateral-backed (e.g., MATIC) stablecoin issued by Qi DAO and soft-pegged to the USD.

“Qi DAO represents a true, next-generation DeFi platform, built as decentralized from the ground-up. Our work with C-OP and U-CDS is an exciting fit for their community objectives,” said Michael Beck, UNION’s project lead.



The snapshot voting for UNION whitelisting on Bancor with incentivized BNT begins today (Monday Jun 28th). There is already much excitement about the potential of BNT C-OP. Once added by Bancor, you will see the vote here.


Nothing proves the strength of the UNION community like numbers: since the launch Wednesday last week, over 105 million UNN (just over 10%) of total supply has been deposited. We are truly humbled by your support and look forward to sharing the reserves from our products with you.


U-CDS hatching will be ending Wednesday after a 1-week testing run by our 25 testers…

Part 1 of buying and adding liquidity is now complete and we move to Part 2: Voting on filed claims.

Check for UNN

  1. UNN is required to vote.
  2. Everyone has been deposited a random amount of UNN between 1,000 to 4,000 UNN.
  3. To see the UNN in your wallet, click into Metamask-> Add Token-> Custom Token and paste in the address: 0xc2b2602344d5ca808f888954f30fcb2b5e13a08f
  4. Click Next. You will now see tUNN in your wallet.
  5. The amount is completely random and not reflective of what we think about your Whale vs. Minnow status!


  1. All 3 U-CDS pools have had claims filed and moved into open voting…

UNION is delighted to announce that we are welcoming Antonio Reyes as UNION’s Head of Marketing and Business Development. Antonio brings a wealth of experience to the UNION team, with a background spanning more than 30 years of experience in executive positions and founder roles across media, technology, education, and non-profit entities.

“For years I have observed and collaborated alongside Michael Beck. Consistently, he executed across relevant projects with integrity and tenacity. I am thrilled to join UNION’s team and help fortify the foundational work expressed by the stakeholders in this expanding ecosystem,” said Antonio.

As a founding Board Member…

Part 1 of 2 in U-CDS hatching will cover basics of buying protection and adding/withdrawing liquidity and will complete in 2 days.

Part 2 of 2 will cover voting on a filed claim through a simplified governance process and will complete in 2 days.


  1. Metamask installed.
  2. Access to test account you provided during signup.

Step 1: Check your assets

  1. Switch your wallet to Rinkeby, the testnet on which Hatching will take place. Compound has a great guide on how to switch to testnet. Please make sure you are on Rinkeby!
  2. Your wallet should have 0.005 ETH for gas; 5,000 USDC for supplying and buying protection.

U-CDS Beta Hatching and rUNN launch Wednesday.

Doge and WBTC for C-OP end of June/early July.

U-CDS testing

Testers are being gathered! Our admins have reached out to the C-OP hatching testers as priority and have just a few spots left. Reach out to our admins in TG if you are interested in getting $50 of UNN for completing some very simple tests.

We are closing registrations today and U-CDS Hatching will begin Wednesday. If you are a Hatcher, instructions will be shared in the TG chat by Tuesday EOD.

New C-OP Products!

You’ve been seeing the conversations in TG and wondered if these…

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